Heartthrob: LADIES. HE’S HITTING US UP. GOGOGOGOGOGO . Excuse me while I fangirl because I absolutely love ISA… This is such a magical combination. 

Dangerous One: I’m crying. I’m dying. I’m fangirling so hard right now, y’all don’t even understand. ISA is one of my favorite organizations not only because it was co-founded by Wong Fu Productions, but also because they feature Asians in the community. I’m so proud of both Will Jay and ISA for getting to this point. I’m just gonna go back to my little corner and cry with happiness.

Skinny Tie: AHHH ISA AND WILL. this made me so asdfsdfjlkm. my day is made. <3

Sparkles: "Unicorns I think they’re real don’t tell me otherwise" GUYS IM DYING I JUST CANT RN WILL STAHP

Jock: asian connections