Anonymous whispered: Sorry but I'm kind of confused with you bio. Who's Skinny Tie, Dangerous One, etc? Sorry I'm new to the fandom and wanted to know if it was an ongoing thing or if it was something you just made. I love your blog! :) xx

oh those are their TMZ names! If you look at the “About IM5” section on our blog, it shows you which name is for which member

But we just use it as a way to identify ourselves because we want to remain anonymous. 

Dear 5ers,

   Hey 5ers! We’re really sorry for the lack of posting on here. But Winter Break is coming up so hopefully we can get back to making some fun edits for you guys! This has been bothering me for a little while and I feel like now is a good time to address it… Please don’t take this personally as this does not apply to every 5er but I’ve seen this quite a lot in my time as a part of the fandom. I admit to sometimes forgetting this too but the IM5 members are still TEENAGERS. They make mistakes, joke around, and they have crushes too (wow shocker). 

Us 5ers can sometimes take things WAY out of context.                         The boys might sometimes “tease” us and joke around but we automatically take it to the extreme and assume things that aren’t in any way true. 

Behavior                                                                                          I know that a lot of time, we all just joke around and like to push their buttons but we need to tone it down sometimes. For example, when Cole tweeted about being annoyed of all the “shave you beard/ cut your hair” comments, that should have been a wake up call to us that he sees everything and gets hurt too.                                                  Some of the edits that 5ers make can be really inappropriate too…      There has also been an overuse of some inappropriate jokes (i.e. Will’s limp noodle)

Respectfulness                                                                                As I stated before, the boys do follow a large sum of the 5ers. Their timeline is probably clogged up with all of our tweets and so much that their family/friend’s tweets have gotten lost in the jumble. That means that they SEE the tweets. Even the indirects (i.e. Will replies to indirects) which proves that even though they might not be tweeting, they could be scrolling down their timeline. I don’t think it’s the fact that I can’t “take a joke” but there have been a superfluous amount of tweets where 5ers cuss at them and are really rude to their “idols”.    

Also, if one of the boys tweet something that is more on the sad side and you just know, he isn’t joking, please don’t ask for a follow. That’s one of times where EVERYBODY should know to not bug them for a follow. (if you didn’t know, they also hate spamming ex. GABE FOLLOW ME 24 GABE FOLLOW ME 25) 

Another point I have is that the boys have a life outside of being in a boyband. They have crushes on girls and hang out with different people. Don’t automatically assume that they’re dating and if they are, be happy for them. There are 5 of them and thousands of us. They will date who they want to date and it’s not like they can date all of us. If one of them does release information that he is in a relationship, don’t give the girl hell either. Honestly that’s not going to break them up and it’ll just make him annoyed and angry at us for being immature and selfish. 

Please don’t get mad that I’ve posted this. I most definitely to not hate the 5er fandom. I’ve made so many great friends from being a part of this fandom. Most of you are really nice, respectful, and generally really fun to talk to/ fangirl with so honestly thank you guys so so much. I just feel like those are some of the things we should be aware of to avoid drama and pushing the boys too far. 

If you agree/disagree with anything that I’ve said, please feel free to send it to our ask and I’ll reply to it in due time. 

Thank you so much if you read this! 

Anonymous whispered: Can you help me? I'm planning to do a drawing of the boys and I want to incorporate their favorite things in there. Can you tell me what are some of each of the boys' favorite things? Thanks!

Dalton- guitars and Blue October 

Dana- snapbacks, cocoa butter

Will- food, pokemon, swedish fish 

Cole- Warheads, Adventure Time

Gabe- Batman 

Sorry this is kind of off the top of my head, I hope you’ll post your drawing when you’re done!


- Heartthrob

Dana and his future girl.

Sparkles Says Sorry


Sparkles here. I just wanna apologize for not going on this blog as much. It’s been a habit of mine that every year when school starts I neglect tumblr and like, thats not okay man. Plus I run a twitter account that takes up like all of my time and I’ve decided that its time to make tumblr and blogging a priority again and i have some edits and new things im gonna post soon. I really do apologize for the inactivity and I hope you all remain patient and I promise you, all 5 of us are gonna get this blog rollinnnnn’ 

Thank you for stickin around <3 ily guys so much


Dangerous One: It’s late. I’m crying. Don’t hate me. I had to.


Heartthrob: I had no part in this.

Anonymous whispered: Wait so will has a girlfriend ?

No he doesn’t! Well not as far as I know. Sorry if my “rant” and poem about Will misled you into to believing that!
I’m just thinking into the future. What they’d do together and how that would make me feel and all that jazz.
I truly believe that Will’s waiting for that ONE girl. He deserves the best and when he finds her, he won’t give her a reason to leave.


EDIT: HE MAY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. NOTHING IS CONFIRMED BUT WE’LL SEE. They’ll come out when they’re ready. Or maybe it’s not even true WHO KNOWS. 

A bit of a rant about Will.

Is it weird that I’m excited for Will to meet his girlfriend? I’m actually pretty excited for her too. 

I WOULD be jealous but it would only be because she’s so lucky to have much such a great guy like Will. He would probably be modest and say that he’s the lucky one… which makes me even happier for her. (if that even made sense)

This isn’t even a matter of whether I end up with him or not. I don’t care about that anymore because I know it isn’t in my control. 

She’ll get to have long, late night conversations with him.

He’ll sing to her when she can’t fall asleep. 

They’ll watch movies and cuddle on the couch.

When they have lazy days, they’ll sit together and just read. 

But when they’re feeling adventurous, they’ll go out and make new memories.

They’ll have inside jokes, funny stories, and unforgettable experiences.

She’ll be that missing piece he’s always been searching for.

The last piece of the puzzle that completes his heart. 

She’ll be there for him in a way that the boys of IM5 can’t. 

They’ll share secrets, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. 

I don’t doubt that they’ll have fights but if they can work through it, their bond will be stronger than any other relationship. 

It’s just a matter of taking things slow, day by day, because I swear it’ll be worth it. 

Go get her Will. 

- Heartthrob